Truckee CA Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

As a person with a very sensitive dental history, having a dentist that has a great heart is just as important to me as having someone that is great at dentistry. I have been through sooooo many dentists in my lifetime that I almost decided to just stop going to the dentist altogether. (Kidding, but not really. As we all know, that is not possible.)  So, when I found Dr. Baldwin I was not going to let him go - even if it meant driving a distance to see him.  He has all the feel good stuff - kindness, consideration, gentle approach, etc. but he's also an amazing dentist.  He gave me several options when tackling my tricky dental situation, strategized with me on all the considerations with each option and then got me there, step by step.  What can I say...I'm a super happy camper.  Thanks, Dr. Baldwin.Dawn C.

Dr. Baldwin is the best - professional, competent, personable - and his staff is excellent and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Baldwin. Suzanne E.

He is gentle and professional. I'm impressed with his work on both myself and my husband.Anna Marie T.

Dr. Baldwin and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable in their craft I am very thankful to have them in the Truckee communityBrad N.