Dental Implants Truckee, CA

Dr. Jason Baldwin offers dental implants to replace missing teeth with the most natural-looking and functioning results when compared to traditional options such as dental bridges and dentures. Dental implants offer key benefits for both oral and overall health and restore normal chewing ability. Dr. Baldwin has extensive training and experience addressing lost teeth and offers patients the benefit of a comprehensive, personalized approach to their care to support the best possible outcomes.

What Is A Dental Implant?

affordable dental implants in Truckee CaliforniaDental implants are considered prosthetic teeth, designed to mimic both the tooth root for healthy bone retention and the missing tooth with a post and custom dental crown.

They can be used to replace a single missing tooth or to permanently secure a denture when all upper or lower teeth are lost.

The implant consists of 3 basic parts: the titanium post, a dental crown, and an abutment that connects them. Dental implants can be placed without having to reduce the integrity of neighboring teeth as they are an independent restoration. This is another key benefit for your overall dental health.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Whether you are receiving a single dental implant or several implants to secure a denture, the process will begin with the surgical implantation of a tiny titanium post into the jaw bone. Dr. Baldwin may coordinate with a local oral surgeon for this phase of the procedure.

After a period of 3-6 months
for complete healing, Dr. Baldwin will attach a custom dental crown, bridge or denture for a secure new smile.

Dental implants may require a larger commitment of time and dental care upfront, but there is no need for the daily adhesive as is required with more traditional options and the results will function much like your natural teeth. The benefits of dental implants include:

  • Improved bone and gum health (compared to alternative restorations)
  • Avoids degradation of healthy teeth (as in conventional bridgework)
  • Improves the appearance of the smile and lower face
  • Patients can enjoy a healthy diet without restrictions
  • No worry of slippage or dentures “falling out”

Dr. Baldwin will thoroughly evaluate your dental health, discuss your concerns and goals and create a personalized treatment plan to restore a functional, healthy new smile. Dental implants can allow you to maintain a more youthful profile with improved jaw bone retention when compared to traditional treatment options. They also allow for a varied, healthy diet and normal speech patterns- both important aspects of your daily quality of life.

i-CAT® Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging System

The Cone Beam CT Scanner evaluates and analyzes high-priority anatomy for implanted restorations and oral surgery in less than 15 minutes – without leaving our facility.

In fact, there aren’t very many doctors around Tahoe and Reno that have a Cone Beam CT Scanner in the office. Some doctors have to send their dental implant patients to a specialist’s office for the scan, or, surprisingly, others think they can perform oral surgery without the must-have scans. If you are considering getting dental implants anywhere else but here, be sure to ask about the Cone Beam CT Scanner and whether or not it is part of that dental practice’s surgical standard procedures.

The CAT Scan produces precision, cross-sectional slides of any needed area in the upper or lower jaws. This provides immediate, exact structural details of your occlusal system, including dimensions and locations for the patient’s unique dental implant procedure. This complex tool gives assurance that the doctor has the most detailed data that is accessible that affects your surgical needs.

The Cone Beam CT Scanner also captures three-dimensional viewpoints, which assist us in determining if bone grafting or sinus lifts are necessary in spots where there is not enough bone mass in which to place dental implants. The CAT Scan also pinpoints optimal implant treatment and placement. The CAT Scan also contributes to picking out the best implant brand, size, jaw location, and positioning angles before your implant surgery.

The Cone Beam CT Scanner is also utilized in zeroing in on the exact positions of the current teeth to allow Dr. Baldwin to accurately plan for the dental implants’ integration into the alveolar bone, their location relative to neighboring teeth, and their distance from vital structures such as the nerve canal, sinus walls, and cortical borders.

Dental Implant FAQs

How painful is a dental implant?

For many patients, there is little to no pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. Using a local anesthetic makes many patients comfortable throughout the procedure and report less pain than with a tooth extraction. 

How should I prepare for dental implants?

You can prepare for dental implant surgery by rinsing your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash, eliminating germs and preventing infection. Make sure to take any antibiotics prescribed to you before the procedure. It also helps to eat a good breakfast before your appointment unless you are using IV sedation.

Will your dentist or oral surgeon put you under sedation for dental implants?

For most normal dental implant procedures, you will most likely not require full sedation through general anesthesia. If your procedure is more complex, your dentist can recommend a general anesthetic. Your dentist or oral surgeon will decide on a case-by-case basis. In most standard procedures, a local anesthetic will be sufficient.

How long after dental implants can I eat normally?

Once the anesthesia wears off from your procedure, you will likely not have to wait long to eat. Within a couple of hours following your appointment, you will most likely be able to start eating soft foods. 

Can your dentist or oral surgeon complete a dental implant procedure in one day?

Yes. A dentist or oral surgeon can provide dental implants in one day. However, this is usually for the placement of a single implant post. Dentists and oral surgeons refer to it as immediate load or same-day tooth implants. However, same-day tooth implants are not for all patients. Factors such as your dental health, the state of your jawbone, and the location of the tooth implant you need will determine if you’re a good candidate. Your dentist can assess your situation to determine the best approach for you.

Do dental implants get cavities?

No, dental implants are not susceptible to developing cavities. Unlike natural teeth, tooth implants contain titanium, which is resistant to decay. This makes them more resilient against bacteria that can cause cavities. However, even though tooth implants can’t decay, gum disease can still occur around them. So you should still brush and floss regularly and have regular dental check-ups and exams. Your tooth implants will depend on the health of the gums and bones around them.

Schedule a Dental Exam & Consultation

If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, Dr. Baldwin provides consultations for dental implants in the Lake Tahoe, CA, and Truckee, CA areas. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your oral health, concerns, and budget to see if dental implants are the right choice for you.