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Patients missing an entire arch of teeth can benefit from dentures. Dentists continue to use this type of dental restoration to help people regain their smiles. However, dentures have advanced so much that they look and feel like actual teeth more than ever. With the use of dental implants, Dr. Jason Baldwin can secure your denture providing you with the most sophisticated replacement available. Dr. Baldwin and his team provide denture implants in Truckee, CA and Loyalton, CA.

Denture Implants Truckee CA

How Do Denture Implants Work?

To hold the dental appliance in place inside the mouth, traditional dentures use suction and adhesive. Alternatively, denture implants use dental implants to secure the appliance. Dr. Baldwin uses between two and eight implant posts per arch to accomplish this. The posts are surgically inserted into the jaw bone for maximum durability. The more implants put in place, the more durable your false teeth will be. Not only will the implants secure the denture but they will also act as teeth roots. This will prevent bone loss in the jaw.

Types of Denture Implants

There are two basic methods to utilize dentures and dental implants. Each type of denture works differently. Dr. Baldwin offers both snap-in dentures and dentures held in place with screws.

  • Snap-in implant dentures require two to four dental implants to secure the dental prosthesis. It works by utilizing a ball attachment system. Special abutments are placed on the implants that will help the denture snap right into place. This type of appliance is convenient because it can be removed daily for cleaning. Additionally, you will be able to clean your gums daily and remove any food that gets stuck under the denture. Snap-in dentures are cheaper than screw-in dentures however they are very stable and reliable.
  • Screw-in implant dentures are similar however instead of the denture snapping onto the implants, they require the use of screws to remain in place. They must have at least four dental implants. Dr. Baldwin will screw the permanent denture to the implants during the final phase of your treatment. Once they are in place, you will not be able to remove them. To some patients, this makes it feel more like real teeth that always remain in place. This is the most stable way to replace your entire arch of teeth. However, it is also the most expensive. A daily, strict oral hygiene routine is a must with this type of dental restoration. Failing to clean your teeth and gums properly could result in the development of gum disease or an infection.

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