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Replacing a full arch or complete set of missing teeth can often be frustrating, especially if you are currently struggling with an inability to eat or smile with confidence. Dr. Jason Baldwin works with patients on an individual basis to assess needs, discuss cosmetic goals and create a treatment plan for replacing missing teeth using the most suitable and stable option. Dr. Baldwin offers the All-On-Four procedure in our Tahoe area dentist office and welcomes patients from Truckee, Lake Tahoe, and Reno, NV who are seeking experienced care for their tooth replacement needs.

all-on-four dental implants in Truckee California

What Is All On Four?

All On Four is a technique for securing a hybrid denture using as few as four strategically placed dental implants. The process was originally developed by Nobel Biocare, a leading developer of dental implants. The key element of the All On Four technique is advanced treatment planning and the use of smaller implants that enable Dr. Baldwin to remove existing teeth if needed, place implants and attach a temporary denture in one day.

When placing the dental implants that will secure your new denture, Dr. Baldwin uses the information gained from digital 3-D scans and treatment planning to strategically place and often angle the implants. This is one to maximize healthy and stable bone in the jaw for a lasting result.

Am I a candidate for All On Four?

The All On Four technique has enabled a wider range of patients to receive dental implants and enjoy the many benefits that a secure smile can offer for quality of life. The use of smaller implants and the technique developed for angular placement can allow patients with compromised jaw bone structure to support an implant.

Dr. Baldwin will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your smile to determine if this treatment option is suitable for your specific needs. In cases where there is dramatic bone loss or changes in jaw structure, he may recommend grafting before the placement of dental implants to ensure a stable outcome.

How long is the All On Four process?

The entire process can be completed in the course of one day after thorough treatment planning. Dr. Baldwin will use digital imagery to evaluate the placement of implants and coordinate the surgical placement of implants with a local specialist. In most cases, after the oral surgery is complete Dr. Baldwin will place a temporary denture that is secured onto the new implants. Your new smile is immediately functional and natural-looking.

A final cosmetic denture will be placed once the soft tissues and gums have healed completely and adjusted to the new appliance. Dr. Baldwin will take new impressions to make the final denture so that your restoration will fit as comfortably as possible without causing any irritation to the gums. This supports a more stable, long-term result and the ability to smile, speak and eat your favorite foods with complete confidence.

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