Multiple Dental Implants Truckee, CA

Multiple dental implants are an effective treatment if you are missing several teeth. This tooth replacement option offers more benefits than a fixed bridge or a partial denture. Dr. Jason Baldwin is a talented implant dentist with offices in Truckee and Loyalton, CA. He utilizes advanced dental technology to plan and place teeth implants.

Dr. Jason Baldwin offers multiple dental implants in Truckee and Loyalton CA

Implant Supported Bridge

Dr. Baldwin will use several implant posts and a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth. This is typically used for patients missing about three or more teeth in a row. The implant fixtures are made of titanium and look like very small screws. Dr. Baldwin will use the Cone Beam CT Scanner to determine the best location for the implants. During a surgical procedure, he will place the implants in that location in the jaw bone. A bridge usually requires about two dental implants.

After about three to six months, the implants will be ready for abutments. This piece is the connector piece that attaches the bridge to the implant fixtures. After another few weeks, Dr. Jason will secure the custom bridge.

The Advantages of an Implant Supported Bridge

There are many advantages to choosing an implant supported dental bridge over a fixed bridge or partial denture. A fixed dental bridge requires the use of adjacent teeth. Usually Dr. Baldwin will have to make the two teeth that are on both sides of the gap much smaller in size to make room for the bridge. Once he does this, it cannot be undone. Those teeth are permanently reduced in size. Also, these teeth will have to endure the extra stress of the missing teeth.

A partial denture is also an option however it is not as secure or durable. Partials are known to slip around and may cause problems while eating or speaking. The base it made of acrylic and metal brackets that can sometimes be seen when you smile. Many people dislike partials because they have to be taken out every day for cleaning and require regular maintenance.

With the use of dental implants, your dentist can permanently secure a dental bridge in place. This will not involve the use of any healthy adjacent teeth. A dental bridge supported by implants will provide structural support for the jaw and bite. Also, since the implants act as missing teeth roots, you will not suffer from bone loss. Bone loss in the jaw is certain with fixed bridges and partials. Additionally, implant supported dental bridges have about a 35% higher success rate compared to traditional bridges.

How much do multiple dental implants cost?

An implant supported bridge will cost more than a partial denture and fixed bridge. This is because it is a more sophisticated solution that requires advanced materials and procedures. How much it will cost you out of pocket will depend on a few things. This includes the number of implant fixtures you will need and whether or not your dental insurance will cover any portion of your treatment. The best way to get an estimate is to schedule a consultation. Dr. Baldwin will examine your teeth and our team will present you with an estimated cost of your treatment.

Learn More about Multiple Dental Implants

To learn more about multiple dental implants from top implant dentist, Dr. Jason Baldwin, schedule an appointment today. At your appointment, you can ask questions about all your options so you can make decision about what is best for your oral health. Additionally, Dr. Baldwin will explain the pros and cons of each treatment. We offer complete dental implant services from the comfort of our Truckee and Loyalton, CA dentist offices.