LAPIP Truckee, CA

Do you have a failing dental implant? Are you experiencing periodontal complications with an implant?

Dr. Jason Baldwin is a leading dentist serving Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV for the treatment of peri-implantitis and failing dental implants. He is the only dentist in the area certified in the LANAP-LAPIP™ protocols for the advanced treatment of complex problems associated with gum health and the stability of your teeth or an implant.

LAPIP for failing implants tahoe ca

What is LAPIP?

LAPIP is a laser treatment for peri-implantitis that can restore and regenerate healthy tissue to restabilize a dental implant that is failing. The underlying problem is an infection in the gum tissue around the implant which can lead to a range of symptoms and ultimately require the implant to be replaced if left untreated.

During the procedure, Dr. Baldwin will use an ultra-thin laser wire to kill the bacteria and stimulate the body’s natural healing process. The procedure is minimally invasive, completed in our office, and requires little downtime as tissues heal and regenerate.

Am I a candidate for LAPIP?
This unique procedure is able to be offered to most patients, including those with advanced gum health concerns. Dr. Baldwin will evaluate the condition of your gums and the stability of your dental implant before recommending treatment. If you have been told that you may need a new implant or are experiencing an implant that is no longer secure Dr. Baldwin may be able to restore your dental health and save the implant using LAPIP. Contact our office to schedule an appointment and explore your treatment options.

What are the signs of peri-implantitis?
As infection in the gum tissue surrounding a dental implant takes hold and grows, you may begin to notice certain symptoms and changes in the comfort of your bite. It is important to contact Dr. Baldwin and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid the development of more complex problems or the complete loss of an implant.

  • Swollen gums, bleeding gums especially around an implant
  • The implant is able to move or feels loose
  • Increased sensitivity of the gums
  • Changes in the color of the gum tissue surrounding an implant
  • Discomfort, increasing pain, or signs of pus around an implant
  • The implant is becoming exposed as gum tissue pulls away

LAPIP: About the Procedure

The LAPIP procedure will be performed using a local anesthetic or dental sedation in our Truckee, CA dentist office. Patient education and comfort are the foundation of your care in our office with the goal of establishing a lasting relationship with you built on communication and trust. Dr. Baldwin will explain all aspects of the procedure before we begin and provide detailed instructions on oral hygiene post-treatment to ensure the best possible recovery.

Once the area is cleaned and you are comfortable and relaxed, Dr. Baldwin will gently insert the tiny laser fiber into the infected area beneath the implant. Laser-generated energy will vaporize the bacteria and stimulate the regeneration of healthy tissue through natural healing. Once the procedure is completed it may be necessary to splint the dental implant for more stability during recovery.

Most patients can resume their normal routine that day or the next with minor modifications to support a successful outcome:

  • No brushing or flossing for the first week
  • Maintain a soft diet for the prescribed amount of time
  • No smoking or tobacco use during recovery

Dr. Baldwin will want to schedule a follow-up visit to monitor your healing and make adjustments to splints as needed.

Schedule A Consultation

If you have been told you have a failing dental implant or are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, schedule a consultation with Dr. Baldwin to determine if LAPIP can restore the health and function of your smile without the need for more invasive oral surgery. Our Tahoe dentist office welcomes patients from Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Reno, NV, and many surrounding communities.