Fear of the Dentist Truckee, CA

Dental anxiety, or fear of the dentist, is the most common reason for missed dental appointments and poor oral health and over HALF of the adult population admits to feeling anxious about a dental visit. Dental anxiety is a real concern and one that Dr. Jason Baldwin and his staff take seriously from the moment you walk through the front door to when you are sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Dr. Baldwin and his staff make every effort to customize the appointment to your requirements and personal concerns – even if it means that we just sit down and discuss them at the first visit. We will help you to identify the cause of your fear or anxiety and explore options for helping you feel relaxed and confident when you visit with us.

Our Commitment To You:
We know there will be situations that just getting through the door for an appointment will be a momentous victory for some of our patients. We understand the value of that first step and we are committed to providing empathy and establishing a relationship created on trust. In case you have any questions or concerns about precisely how Dr. Baldwin can help you get over fear and anxiety, please call our dental office.

Common Dental Related Fears

In addition to feelings of embarrassment about the condition of your dental health due to a lack of care, there are many common fears that we can work with you to address in order to restore a healthy smile:

  • Fear of gagging
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear of Novocain not working as expected
  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of the dentist as a human being
  • Fear of the hand device (or perhaps the drill)
  • Fear of the unfamiliar
  • Fear of dental noises and smells

Our Tahoe area dentist office is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. We have incorporated some latest in dental technology that alleviates the need for noisy drills and sharp objects and use aromatherapy to provide a pleasant, comforting smell that will not trigger bad memories of earlier experiences in a medical or dental office setting.

The natural beauty surrounding us in Truckee, CA is brought into the light, airy, and spa-like interior of our dentist office- a place we hope you will begin to look forward to visiting!

relaxation dentistry tahoe ca

Dr. Baldwin offers sedation dentistry, with options for conscious sedation that will enable you to be completely relaxed during your treatment. During your consultation, he will discuss your unique concerns and recommend the appropriate option. In many cases, sedation can enable you to receive multiple treatments during one visit as part of a restorative or cosmetic treatment plan.

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Looking for a Truckee, CA, Lake Tahoe, CA dentist, or Tahoe City, CA area dentist for your family? Dr. Baldwin welcomes new patients and works with people who have been suffering from poor oral health due to dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist. Contact our Truckee dentist office at (530) 206-0392 or use our online request form to schedule an appointment.