Truckee CA Dentist Technology

At the dental office of Dr. Jason Baldwin, we take a digital approach to dentistry. This allows us to create a more personalized treatment, a more effective diagnostic process, and improve the overall patient experience.

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Some of the technology available at our Tahoe area dental office:

CEREC: this CAD/CAM technology enables Dr. Baldwin to design, fabricate and place high-quality ceramic dental restorations during a single visit. Damaged or lost dental crown? Come in and leave with a fully functional smile.

Digital Radiography: digital x-rays provide significantly less radiation exposure and can be stored in our computer system for future reference or sharing with a specialist for other treatment.

Digital Imaging: using high-resolution digital photography, Dr. Baldwin can provide realistic images of how cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry treatments can enhance your smile.

Diagnostic Wax-Up: shows your new smile in its natural color and translucency. We also see how your new smile will improve any bite problems you may have. With the diagnostic model, you are empowered to preview, give suggestions, make changes, and approve your personal “Smile Plan” before any procedures are begun.

Soft Tissue Laser: periodontal therapy and cosmetic gum treatments can be performed with minimal pain and bleeding using dental lasers. It can also be used in conjunction with root planing – deep cleaning around the teeth and root. Dr. Baldwin can also perform frenectomies to address tongue ties using a dental laser.

LANAP®: Dr. Baldwin is one of few local dentists serving the Tahoe area who is certified in LANAP. This is a unique, minimally invasive surgery for treating moderate to severe gum disease and periodontitis. The LANAP protocol is a treatment for gum disease that uses a laser as an alternative to surgery, sutures, and downtime. The LANAP protocol gives the potential to stimulate the growth of damaged parts of the gum tissue and mouth, which includes the potential for growth of new bone, regeneration of gums, and destruction of longstanding bacteria and disease. The LANAP laser protocol is also highly effective at saving failing or compromised dental implants.

Intraoral Camera: this tiny handheld device takes great pictures of the inside of your mouth, enabling us to show you exactly what we’re talking about on a computer screen.

DIAGNOdent: this handheld tool is used for early detection and diagnosis of tooth decay. The DIAGNOdent also helps locate decay that may be hidden in the cracks and crevices of teeth for earlier, more conservative treatment.

truckee ca dentist cbct scanner
iCAT Cone Beam CT scanner: used to evaluate and analyze high-priority anatomy for dental implant restorations and oral surgery in less than 15 minutes – without leaving our facility. We are one of very few Tahoe area dentists with this in-office ability to take precision, cross-sectional slides of any needed area in the upper or lower jaws for accurate treatment planning.

CBCT technology provides the foundation for more accurate treatment planning and a more predictable outcome. Dr. Baldwin is pleased to offer complete care that is based upon a thorough evaluation using advanced digital technology.