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Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Dr. Donald Reid is a founding Father and lifelong member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry.

Why Dr. Reid Became a Microscope Dentist

dr. Don Reid, microscope dentistry in Tahoe CAIn early 2000, Dr. Reid’s wife, Marilyn, was diagnosed with a benign tumor of the brain. During their quest to find the best surgeon in the world, Dr. Reid was encouraged to explore the tremendous benefits of the microscope by the physician who performed Marilyn’s’ successful surgery. Because of the enhanced information from magnification, Marilyn was skiing 6 weeks after the surgery. The exact same operation performed in 1970, before neurosurgeons microscopes, had an 80% mortality rate.

The desire to be a better clinician inspired Dr. Reid to purchase, train and now use an operating room microscope for all of his procedures. He believes microscopes will be the standard of care one day in dentistry as it is in neurosurgery. His goal is to influence that paradigm shift.

The Origin and Heritage of the Academy

The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry was established in 2002, under the name “Congress of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry” and through the leadership of Dr. David J. Clark who had the vision to establish an official voice for dentists from around the world who have microscope-centered practices. Dr. Clark contacted Dr. Reid and asked him to become a founding father and clinical speaker at the inaugural meeting which had 76 people from the United Sates and Canada.

Since that first meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, the membership has grown into the thousands and still growing. The purpose of this organization is to achieve, by mutual study and cooperation, activities reflecting a high and ethical standard of practice as well as teaching and research in the art and science of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry.

How Microscopes Benefit Dental Clients

“Anything the eye can see the hand can do” is a favorite quote of Dr. Reid’s. Simply stated, magnification means more information. A tenfold increase in size really means a one hundredfold increase in information.

For example, if you were to view a 1 inch by 1 inch photograph of your best friend’s face from 14 inches, each rod and cone in your eye would receive 625 pixels of information. If that photo was blown up ten times to 10 by 10 inches, each eye receiving unit would get 62,500 pixels or an increase of information by 100 times!

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