Whiten Teeth with a Professional

Teeth can become stained for a number of reasons, at times at no fault of the individual. Age, medication side effects, and substances we consume can contribute to tooth discoloration.

Though you can purchase teeth whitening materials from your local store, a dental professional can provide optimal cosmetic treatment for your smile. Dr. Jason Baldwin, a dentist in Truckee, CA, describes the benefits of choosing professional teeth whitening treatment as opposed to store-bought kits.

teeth whitening treatment in Truckee California

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

A dental professional offers cosmetic consultation appointments before a teeth whitening treatment to discuss your smile aesthetic goals and evaluate your dental health. This guarantees a customized treatment that will ensure your smile looks its best.

Once your teeth are cleaned and healthy, a dentist can apply a whitening gel to your teeth during a brief in-office visit. Your dentist can ensure an even, natural-looking result for your smile.

They can also monitor the process so that you remain comfortable during the whitening procedure. Your dentist can make sure the bleach will not irritate your gums and minimize your risk of tooth sensitivity.

Choosing a professional for your whitening treatment keeps your teeth safe and healthy while maximizing cosmetic benefits. Your dentist can also determine alternative cosmetic treatments that will enhance your smile if whitening products are not effective, such as porcelain veneers or tooth bonding.

Store-Bought Whitening Kits

A whitening kit purchased at your local shop may seem convenient, cheap, and simple. However, you will not be guaranteed optimal results with this treatment. The whitening trays in these kits are not made specifically for your unique smile. Without professional supervision, you are at risk of painful side effects from the treatment.

Some dentists offer whitening trays that you can use at your own home, which saves you time just as a store-bought kit would. For this reason, it is worth investing in a professional cosmetic dental treatment because the quality of care will not be compromised.

These kits do not offer uniquely tailored treatment that you may require for your dental needs. A dentist can determine the most effective cosmetic treatment for you according to your medical history and smile goals.

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