How Does All-On-Four Denture Treatment Work?

all on four implantsYou can reinvent your smile in just one visit to our Truckee, CA dental office in the Lake Tahoe area. Dr. Jason Baldwin offers a revolutionary denture treatment that can replace a full arch of teeth in just one day. Dr. Baldwin can remove damaged teeth, insert implants, and secure your new restoration in only one appointment using just four dental implants.

What Are Implant-Secured Dentures?

Implant-secured dentures, commercially known as All-On-FourⓇ, is a revolutionary treatment that restores the appearance and full functioning of your smile without dealing with unreliable dentures. Using modern imaging technology and treatment planning, your smile can return to its full functionality and appearance with permanent dental restorations.

Besides restoring the look of your smile, implant-secured dentures improve the health and integrity of the jawbone and gum tissues that support your restoration. All-On-Four eliminates the need for messy denture adhesives, allowing patients that have them to eat, drink, speak, and smile normally for a lifetime.

How Do All-On-Four Dentures Work?

Four tiny dental implants can anchor a full arch of permanent dentures. Dental implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth because they preserve the health of the underlying jawbone. Instead of just installing one or two prosthetic teeth at a time, your implant-secured dentures can replace a full arch while preserving jaw bone health.

All-On-Four dentures provide the security and confidence of a well-fitting dental restoration but do not slip out nor require the intensive maintenance that traditional dentures do. This treatment can last recipients decades, because implants are made from titanium and are therefore immune to decay.

Four implants are embedded along the jaw bone and temporary restorations are attached to allow the implants to heal. The temporary restorations allow you to continue eating and talking normally, then you’ll return to receive your final restorations.

Schedule A Consultation

Dr. Baldwin offers dental implant consultations in our Truckee, CA dentist office in the Lake Tahoe area. This informative appointment will provide you the opportunity to learn more about how All-On-Four dentures can restore your smile and promote better oral health. To schedule your appointment, request an appointment online or call (530) 206-0392 today.