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Why You Should Get Screened For Oral Cancer

It is imperative you receive an oral cancer screening during your preventive care exam. Studies have shown that patients who are considered at low risk of developing oral cancer are being diagnosed at a higher rate. Oral cancer screenings are designed to catch any early warning signs of oral cancer before they progress into a more aggressive state. Dr. Donald Reid offers oral cancer screenings in our Truckee, CA dental office.

During your appointment, Dr. Reid will perform a physical and visual examination of the mouth: under the tongue, tonsils, gum tissue, cheeks, lips, throat, and soft tissue. Oral cancer can grow anywhere in the mouth, including the throat and lips. Dr. Reid takes the time to thoroughly examine the mouth and check for red or white spots, sores, lesions, abnormal growths or masses, and bleeding. If you have noticed any numbness, swelling, or discomfort in the mouth, jaw, or neck, it is important to let our team know. Our goal is to catch oral cancer in its earliest stages to allow patients the opportunity to find life-saving treatment.

Why You Should Get Screened For Oral Cancer

  • An oral cancer screening is a fast and painless process. Typically, oral cancer screening takes about five minutes out of your routine dental checkup. Dr. Reid will thoroughly examine your mouth, throat, and soft tissues for any signs of dysfunction. If oral cancer is suspected, Dr. Reid may order a biopsy to determine if the abnormalities are cancerous. The next step is to coordinate treatment if oral cancer is identified.
  • Better to know than to not know. An oral cancer screening may provide you with the information needed to save your life. Don’t wait until it is too late to visit the dentist. If you noticed any abnormalities in the mouth or throat, schedule a visit to our Truckee dental office immediately.
  • Oral cancer is usually painless in the early stages, so patients don’t feel the need to visit the dentist. A trained and experienced dentist can still spot early warning signs of oral cancer.

If you need to schedule an oral cancer screening, please contact our Truckee dental office. Patients can callĀ (530) 206-0392 to scheduleĀ an appointment online.