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Do You Wish Your Teeth Were Straighter?

Invisalign Truckee CAIf you have crooked teeth because you did not receive orthodontic treatment when you were younger, you do not have to continue suffering from the embarrassment and discomfort of misaligned teeth. Truckee, CA cosmetic dentist Dr. Donald Reid offers Invisalign® for a discreet, comfortable and clear way to straighten teeth. Patients of all ages can enjoy the benefits of comfortably and discreetly realigning their teeth without the stigma of traditional metal braces.

Crooked Teeth: An Oral Health Concern

Crooked teeth are an oral health concern. Many patients think that crooked teeth are simply cosmetic, but the truth is that misaligned teeth can negatively effect your oral health. Crooked teeth can cause a range of oral health concerns from tooth decay to complex bite disorders. Crooked teeth can often hinder patients from effectively cleaning their teeth. When you miss cleaning surfaces of the teeth you risk leaving behind gum disease and decay causing tartar and plaque. Patients with crooked teeth are also more prone to developing TMJ disorders, a chronic pain disorder that affects the health of the jaw joint.

Invisalign: The Clear Solution For Crooked Teeth

Invisalign clear braces offer patients of any age to protect their smiles from future damage by gently realigning their bite. Invisalign uses a series of custom-fit clear aligners that are worn over about a year. Each set of soft plastic aligners will gradually shift your teeth into alignment.

Dr. Reid will custom design your series of aligners in accordance to your orthodontic needs. Dr. Reid uses state of the art CAD/CAM imaging technology to design and fabricate your aligners. Aligners should be worn for most of the day every day. However, they are removable for effective oral hygiene and eating. Your treatment time and plan will be determined by your personal oral health and orthodontic needs.

Invisalign offers many benefits over traditional metal braces. Invisalign users experience less tooth decay than those who wear traditional braces. Invisalign users are able to remove their aligners so that they can brush and floss their teeth well. The soft plastic of Invisalign also causes less damage to the soft tissues in the mouth. Invisalign does not require trips to the dentist for tightening.

Schedule An Invisalign Consultation

If you have crooked teeth contact our Truckee, CA dentist office. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign can help you restore your confidence and enjoy your optimal oral health. Our staff will help you find the right dental procedure to achieve your optimal results. Contact our dentist office or schedule a consultation online.