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Truckee CA Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

David F.

Thomas Edison once said that “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” This principle applies to Don Reid’s dental artistry as well: Don is talented, passionate, and proud of his work, but most importantly he attends to every detail, no matter how microscopic, to ensure the most satisfying results. And his office has also impressed me with its solid teamwork: Marilyn, Julie and Wendy deserve a lot of credit for making this happen.

Brinn W.

Dr. Reid’s impeccable eye for aesthetics is amazing. I have several dentists in my family and they’ve commented that the work done by Dr. Reid was,truly some of the finest cosmetic dentistry they had ever seen.

Evan C.

I wanted to thank you again for transforming my smile. I couldn’t be happier with the work you performed on me. Not only do my new teeth enhance my physical appearance, they look so natural it’s impossible to tell i even had the work done. The process was relatively quick and painless due to your high level of expertise. You truly are best in the business.

Steve G.

For most of my life I have been a regular visitor to the dentist’s chair. Over the years I have had a number of Dentists who tried to “fix” my teeth. I accumulated a lot of gold crowns, multi colored porcelain crowns and misaligned teeth that were ground down, yellowed and chipped. During my first visit with Don I realized I had finally found the man to end my search for the best dentist. Don…

Gabraele M.

He worked a miracle on my teeth. When I came to Dr Reid my teeth very dark and discolored due to taking tetracycline as a child. My smile is more beautiful that I ever dreamed for. He worked a miracle on my teeth. I love my dentist.

JoAnn A.

Dr Reid’s craftsmanship put back the sparkle I was missing. At age 60 my youthful smile had yellowed, chipped and worn down to a poor imitation. Dr Reid’s craftsmanship put back the sparkle I was missing. Words can’t express my gratitude.


I adore my new smile. I always disliked my smile and wasn’t sure what could be done. Dr Reid assured me we could develop a smile I’d love. He was right on and I adore my new smile.

Ron R.

I am extremely happy as I now have the smile I always wanted. From the age of 12 onwards, I would look in the mirror and be unhappy with my teeth.This was because of a cycling accident that damaged many of my front teeth. Fast forward for 54 years of unhappiness when I met Dr. Reid who commented on my attire and the fancy car I was driving but quickly uncovered my Achilles heel by…