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Know The Facts: Oral Cancer

Dentist doing a treatmentDid you know that dentist Dr. Donald Reid provides oral cancer screenings every time you visit our Truckee, CA dentist office? April is Oral Cancer Awareness month and we want to shed light on this too often deadly disease. Every April we take the time to remind patients of the importance of preventative dental care and screenings for oral cancer. Routine screenings can save your life.

Did You Know? 10 Facts on Oral Cancer

  1. Oral cancer screenings are painless and only take two minutes to complete. Many patients are unaware it is happening, that is how simple the process is.
  2. Frequent oral cancer screenings can save your life.
  3. Early diagnosis of oral cancer is essential for highly effective treatment.
  4. Too many cases of oral cancer turn deadly due to a lack of preventative dental care and oral cancer screenings. Some patients avoid dental care and ignore signs of developing problems. Visiting the dentist twice a year can help you avoid advanced dental health concerns.
  5. Nearly 45,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. When caught early, oral cancer can be treated.
  6. A rise in HPV has lead to an increase in oral cancer in younger patients. Some patients are as young as in their 20s. It is important for all people to be screened for oral cancer.
  7. Tobacco users are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer. Whether you smoke, vape or chew, you increase your chance of getting oral cancer.
  8. Red or white spots, sores, thick patches, or lumps all may be signs of oral cancer.
  9. If symptoms persist for more than two weeks, call our Truckee, CA dentist office to schedule an appointment.
  10. If you have a consistent hoarse voice or the feeling of a lump or something caught in your throat, these may be signs of oral cancer.


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Whether you have noticed changes in your oral health, or it is time to schedule your next preventative dental care visit, contact our Truckee, CA dentist office. Preventative dental care can help you avoid a whole spectrum of oral health concerns. Early diagnosis is key for effective treatment of many advanced dental health concerns. Contact our office or schedule a visit online.